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Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing 

Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing- Top Automotive Company in the state of Michigan!

Eazzy Auto Brokers and Leasing is a leading independent car leasing broker, boasts a prominent presence in the auto loan industry and related services. With over a decade of experience, we take pride in our stellar reputation and commitment to providing customers with a genuinely presidential experience in car leasing across all of Detroit, Michigan.


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, our auto leasing company embodies the ambitious spirit of the Great Lake State. We offer various affordable car leasing options not only in Detroit, but the entire state of Michigan. Ensuring a seamless process from the initial call to the delivery of your new vehicle.

Eazzy Auto Brokers and Leasing, we provide many benefits, such as free quick quotes for requested vehicles, competitive pricing, monthly auto lease specials, zero-down lease deals, low-interest auto financing, and an extensive inventory of all makes and models. Plus, we deliver to customers throughout all of Michigan, making the car leasing as convenient as possible.

Three Main Tips With Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasng 


Car Lease Offers

Every single month, we offer the best vehicle leasing deals with $0 down payment and other discounts.


Financing or Lease 

We provide both options for leasing and financing a vehicle for individual and business needs.


Shop Your Next Vehicle

Our auto lease broker company has one of the largest inventory of auto leasing, auto financing and auto selling.

We Buy Lease Returns & Used Cars

Exit Your Lease Sooner

How often did you hear that people made a mistake issuing the lease for a particular car? How often did you see disappointed people because they do not know what they should do with their auto lease agreement and how to activate a car lease termination? Unfortunately, it often happens today.

There are several reasons why it happens:

  • The car is not meet expectations.

  • A better price was found through the market.

  • The income was changed, and it’s hard to afford a current car lease agreement or vice versa – you now can buy a luxury car.

If you or your folks do not know how to exit your lease, call us to get professional consultation regarding car lease termination earlier.

We offer:

  • Low lease termination fees.

  • The legal ways to save thousands of bucks when you exit your car lease agreement earlier.

  • You can escape your current car lease even if your contract has passed only six months.

Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing

Welcome to Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing, the leading car leasing broker

Discover the Eazzy Difference

Our auto leasing experts ensure a seamless, stress-free process from the moment you contact us to the delivery of your new vehicle. We offer a wide range of affordable car leasing options throughout all of Michigan with competitive pricing, monthly auto lease specials, $0 down lease deals, and low-interest auto financing.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

 At Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing, we cater to your unique requirements with many benefits, including free quick quotes for requested vehicles, an extensive inventory of all makes and models, and convenient delivery to customers throughout the state of Michigan. In addition, we offer a full suite of related services, such as trade-ins, auto insurance, car hauling, and auto body shop solutions.

Exotic Cars and Custom Orders

Our diverse selection of exotic car leases and the ability to custom-order vehicles directly from manufacturers set us apart from the competition. Experience the luxury and performance of our exotic car options, or let us help you find the perfect vehicle tailored to your preferences.

Adapting to the Times

Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing, has always prioritized customer well-being and satisfaction. During the challenging times of COVID-19, we swiftly transitioned to online services to ensure a safe and convenient car leasing experience. Our commitment to the community extends beyond our services, as demonstrated by our donations to essential workers during the pandemic.

Get Started Today

Experience the ultimate car leasing experience with Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing in Michigan. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please call us at (248)-820-1321 or submit a free request through our website. Let Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing guide you through the process and get you behind the wheel of your dream car today.

(248) 820-1321

Your Eazziest Way To Lease or Finance A Car!

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