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Services Offered

Personal New Car Lease or Finance

When deciding on a new car to lease or finance, Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing will always assist you with finding the best leasing offer or financing price to fit your budget!

Eazzy Credit to Car Package

This program was invented for customers that want a brand new vehicle but just don't have the credit to get approved or if they can get approved, the interest rates and down payments does not fit their budget. Please click the link below for a video representation!

Used Car Cash (Budget Zone) or Finance

If you want to spend $4-$8,000 cash on a vehicle or if you need help finding a newer pre-owned vehicle, Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing will make your purchasing experience a lot easier! Contact us today at 248-820-1321 for more information! If you are interested in a specific vehicle and want to make a order, click here! 

Business Auto Lease or Finance

It is very crucial for businesses to invest in a fleet to complete daily objectives. At Eazzy Auto Brokers & Leasing, we have all the new makes and models on cars, trucks, vans and buses for the best lease and finance prices in the state. Our team can help lease or finance the best vehicles for the task needed. Our team has over a decade of experience for finding the best lease and finance deals for any business!

Auto Dealer Partners 

We partner with Auto Dealerships to make leasing and financing vehicles much easier and affordable for our customers! To partner with us, auto dealerships win the most out of the deal. We provide advertisement and establish a new base for clientele with no expense to the car dealerships! 

To Schedule An Appointment or To Receive Promotions, Click or Scan Below!

(248) 820-1321

Your Eazziest Way To Lease or Finance A Car!

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